Sino Cesium Security Industry Co.,Ltd is an innovative security technology company which is composed of Bei Qi Group, Sweden Cesium AB and Sweden EI Investment Corporation. It is the only authorized patent technology licensee and brand partner within Chinese Mainland. The global marketing centre locates in the International Trade Centre in Beijing, with a standard product production base of 10,000 ㎡ in Guangzong Economic&Technology Developing Zone in Xingtai City Hebei province. Based on the particular patented technology and complex structure of materials from Cesium company, Sino Cesium Security Industry Co.,Ltd develops and manufactures Mobile Security Vaults, Military Containers, Police Guard Booth and Weapon & Evidence Storage which are explosion proof and bullet proof. The company is committed to the technological development of basic equipment storage referring to explosive proof, burglarproof, and other special requirement in military,police as well as civilian areas in order to supply the users with reliable security storage solution of approved European Security Standard.

The Mobile Security Vault is designed and manufactured according to European Security Standard and approved by European Standard EN1143-1 Grade III-VI and EN 1522 up to 12.7 AP Nato. All the products are equipped with grade VI security locks with European patent owned by Sweden Cesium AB. Special requirements can be customized according to customer demand, modular systems and special equipment are allowed inside the MSV, e.g.theft proof alarm,security monitoring, satellite tracing, shock sensor, solar power, lightening proof and EMP(electromagnetic pulse) protection. The remote control and alarm systems can be delivered and adapted to various special site and tough environment. 

We insist on the core value of “Innovative Technology, cooperation and mutual benefits, Serve customers” and devote ourselves to offering service to our customers. We have been trying the best to built a leading company in the Security Vault area and impel the development of Security Vault industry of China.